Komatsu Australia has just announced that they will be building a brand new $6 million training center in Welshpool, Perth. The construction of this facility aims to provide job opportunities for apprentices and students alike, as well as create highly skilled technicians who are capable of working with the latest technology trends within autonomous or smart buildings.

One of Komatsu’s building assets.

Komatsu Training Academy General Manager, Janine Gurney said that in addition to post-trade and technical training the new facility will offer nationally recognised qualifications across engineering as well as a suite of other industries. The goal for Komatsu’s is 500 apprentices over three or four years with 94% retention rates

Komatsu Regional General Manager – Western, Glenn Swift said that the impact of COVID-19 and closed borders have presented additional challenges around talent availability and accessibility in market. While Komatsu has long prioritised and invested heavily into training for employees both current or future workforce needs at this time are greater than ever before due to these circumstances.

This major solar plant is expected to be completed in 2022 and fully operational three months after commissioning! The Welshpool facility will feature LED lighting, making it one of the most innovative plants on earth.


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