Charter Hall is addressing the city’s need for more employment space by lodging a proposal to construct an impressive new tower at 2 Chifley Square in Sydney to help meet the city’s employment space targets for future job growth.

The company has announced that they plan on building a new tower, ‘Chifley South’, next to their existing one. They also hope this will revitalize the public domain at Chifley Square.

The Chifley Precinct plan is a direct alignment with Sydney’s global ambitions. The design competition will include consultation and the selection of an innovative architect in order for this project to be completed as planned.

chifley tower sydney

Charter Hall has proposed a new tower at Chifley.

David Harrison, the Managing Director and Group CEO at Charter Hall said that this new office space will be a great addition to Australia’s most prominent business minds. He also went on record by mentioning how they are now looking forward to expanding that reputation even further for generations in-depth.

For now, Charter Hall’s stakeholders are going to have a seat at the table as plans for their new home progress.

City of Sydney’s Director of City Planning, Development & Transport, Graham Jahn, said that the proposal is a valuable contributor to realising their strategy in protecting public places and putting development where it belongs.

Chifley Square is a fantastic place to visit for its breathtaking views of Sydney Harbour and the cityscape beyond. The architecture here has been crafted with care, making it an excellent royal landmark as well. 

The Charter Hall Prime Office Fund, which originally purchased 2 Chifley Square for $98.5 million in 2018 and is one of the leasehold owners at Gresham Building located next door – 167 Macquarie Street The CPOF also owns a part interest in this huge property along with several other properties around town.

The proposal has been through an extensive planning process, but it just received the green light from City Hall.

The NSW Government’s proposal for a new gateway is now going through the process, and will soon go public. They’re looking at all of your feedback before deciding what they want to do with it.


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