An $80 million children’s health and education center of excellence has begun construction on the Gold Coast, Queensland. To support their development in Lumina, a 9.4-hectare swath of land developed by the Queensland government to grow an integrated knowledge precinct along Australia’s East coast called Proxima is set for completion sometime next year — a testament to how far Australian cities are willing to go as they continue shifting towards becoming more sustainable urban living spaces

Queensland’s Deputy Premier and State Development Minister Steven Miles partnered with the private sector to turn over a new sod, part of Queensland’s COVID-19 Economic Recovery Plan. The project is an Australian first that will see early learning centers in partnership throughout Lumina at Gold Coast Health and Knowledge Precinct offering access to allied pediatric health professionals for those who need it most.

Deputy Premier and State Development Minister Steven Miles and Minister for the Environment, Great Barrier Reef, Science and Youth Affairs Meaghan Scanlon broke the ground for the Children’s Health Centre of Excellence.

The Queensland Government has sold a range of land to Griffith University, which will create jobs and opportunities for the people in this area. The ADaPT institute is one project that’s been finalized by the government; it will provide 900 new jobs when fully occupied! 

In addition to that major development project, the construction of Proxima, an innovative residential complex, has begun creating 180 new jobs for Brisbane residents in this year alone! 

These developments have given us hope for our city’s future as we know these projects are going to make great additions not only economically but also socially because they’ll provide access to services like never before, meaning families can enjoy living here even more than ever before. 

Four more sites are under commercial negotiations with private property developers – so there’s plenty of opportunity on offer here as well.

Matthew Evans from Proxima’s developer, Evans Long, said that when they launched the new development with plans to create a “children’s center of excellence,” it has been receiving great responses, and 65% of its space was already committed by tenants. They are in final negotiations for more key tenants as well as many other health-related businesses who have expressed interest in leasing at this location due to construction commencing today on what will be complete by 2022!

Evans Long, a commercial developer in Queensland is the first to start construction after receiving land from the government.


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