The first rail track has been laid for the Sydney Metro City and Southwest project, a major milestone in construction. This exciting news means that we are one step closer to completing this incredible transportation system. 

In a recent development, works have progressed to the point where Barangaroo Station is now ready for platforms and other amenities. The project will see an incredible total of 4200 tonnes of concrete installed under Sydney Harbour in order to complete 800 meters worth more than 2400 railway sleepers that were laid throughout this lengthy section alone. The 31 kilometres of tracks from Chatswood to Sydenham will require more than 4000 tonnes of Australian steel, including 200 tonnes under the harbour.


First rail under Sydney Harbour has been laid.

The excavation of the Barangaroo caverns is an impressive feat that required over two years to complete. Some 650,000 tonnes or 100 Olympic size pools worth of crushed rock was removed.

The station is being fitted out by the brilliant BESIX Watpac company, which will create 300 jobs during construction.

The Sydney Metro City and Southwest project is one of the largest construction jobs in Australia. More than 5000 people are currently working on it, with 50 000 expected to have worked by its completion date.

The journey between Barangaroo and Victoria Cross Stations will take three minutes, with Metro trains diving deep under Sydney Harbour. This is great news for those living in the CBD who are looking forward to an even faster commute.

The North West Metro is coming to Sydney’s transport network in 2024. This rail project will extend into the city and beyond, connecting with Bankstown via new stations at Crows Nest, Victoria Cross, Barangaroo, Martin Place, Pitt Street, and Waterloo, along with new underground platforms underneath Central station.


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