The latest development from Gurner is a $1.25 billion four-tower residential-led project that will be located at 108 Ferny Avenue, Surfers Paradise! The site is designed by Warren and Mahoney Architects, who have planned an 11,485m2 city block island on Pine street that borders Oak Avenue as well.

The four towers are proposed for permanent residential occupancy, with a total of 889 apartments. However, there is short-term accommodation available in Tower 3 including 199 serviced ones over 10 stories high that provide luxury features such as private gyms and pools!

Architectural rendering of Gurner’s La Pelago development

The development application for this project was submitted with a vision to create an exclusive residential area that is unique in the world. They want it so much, they’re willing to plan out several different zones and amenities just for residents! In addition, there will also be plenty of indoor communal areas where people can socialize while on vacation or visiting family – perfect if you need some time away from crowds but still enjoy being around your own kind at all times too.

In Tower 1, located at the corner of Oak Avenue and Pine Ave, there are 30 levels of living space, which can accommodate 150 multiple dwelling units. Tower 2 is located in the northwest corner of the site and consists of 25 levels accommodating 94 multiple dwelling units. Tower 3, an apartment building near Pine Avenue and located centrally on the site, has 112 studio apartments. In Tower 4, you’ll find 34 floors containing 248 units, so you’ll have everything you’ll need for your next adventure, including expansive views of the city and a prestigious location near Ferny Avenue.

The site had a previously approved development application for ‘The Ruby / Paradise Resort Masterplan’ which will be delivered in two stages. Stage 1 consists of Tower 1, 2, and 3 as well as their respective basements (including loading/services areas). The second stage includes the delivery on Towers 4 & 5 with an additional basement floor added to complete it all off!


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