Melbourne  Level Crossing Removal Project is kicking off the removal of level crossings with a bang, as they have been fast-tracked for Mont Albert Road and Union Road.

The rail line is about to get a new station that’s going to be opening up right between Mont Albert and Surrey Hills. The project will see the lowering of rails into an open trench beneath roads, which if successful could revolutionize how we think of transportation.

Surrey Hill Station

Architectural rendering of Surrey Hill Station.

Having two intersections block the flow of 22,000 drivers each day is not something to be taken lightly. Boom gates down for 40 per cent of the peak period in the morning.

Jacinta Allan, the Transport Infrastructure Minister, announced that by 2025 Lilydale Line lines will be boom-gate free.

In 2016, there were several close calls at Surrey Hills level crossing, which resulted in two fatalities, with eight recorded near misses.

Crews are getting ready to start work on signalling power and communication lines upgraded for the 1.3-kilometres trench along this rail corridor to make sure that train movements are timely, accurate as well efficient.

A major water main will be lowered 9.6 metres below ground level as part of the digging at Lorne Parade Reserve.

It will not only see the planting of 52,000 trees but also new paths and cycling links through Lorne Parade Reserve.


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