Multiplex has awarded a $36 million supply contract for the Centre of National Resilience Brisbane, which will be made up of modular buildings.

The Australian government has awarded a contract to Fleetwood, an innovative modular building provider from Australia. They will use their manufacturing facilities in Queensland and New South Wales as well Melbourne for this project which aims at delivering housing units by March 2022.

Two of Australia’s most iconic institutions are teaming up to provide you with unbeatable service. The facility will be built and owned by our Federal Government, while operated by Queensland Government at a cost-effective level throughout COVID -19 pandemic duration.

The CEO of Fleetwood, Bruce Nicholson said that they are delighted to be playing a key role in Australia’s response and more generally the country’s road towards recovery from COVID-19.

We are delighted to be working with the Australian Government and Queensland authorities on this project.


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