Health Care Services Building

Silverstone has proposed the construction of a 12-storey health care services building located at 10 Edmondstone Street, South Brisbane.

The building application for this 12-storey health care services facility was submitted by Silverstone, which will be located at 10 Edmondstone Street in South Brisbane.

The new project design by MODE Design architecture would be a great fit for this market with its total gross floor area of 9,300 meters2.

With a total cost of $150 million dollars, the complex will feature an expansive rooftop terrace with 309 square metres of space on the 13th floor and end-of-trip bicycle facilities with 48 bikes. 96 lockers are also provided for cyclist’s convenience along 7 showers which meets council requirements.

The development application states that the tower is surrounded by 2 meters high vision glazing to maximise daylighting and provide a better living environment for its tenants.

While the tower’s podium mesh screens will be integrated with landscaped balconies and planting in order to create a green base for its height, it’s not just about making an environmental statement. The building is also designed so that residents can enjoy the fresh air.

In addition, creative lighting will be used to enhance the Edmondstone streetscape. The illuminated building elements and other features of this historic neighbourhood certainly make it a pleasant place to visit.


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