Nyrstar, a metals processing company based out of Port Pirie, is working to build an eco-friendly recycling facility that will reduce lead emissions and help the residents in this area live healthier lives.

With a $7 million grant from the South Australian Government, Nyrstar will foot the rest of the $23 million dollar bill to build this world-class smelter.

Stephen Marshall, the premier of South Australia said he and the State Government have taken a bold stand against lead emissions. The people should be proud because it will help improve their children’s health in Port Pirie.

Currently, materials are processed in an open-air environment. This area will be enclosed by a large facility that reduces lead emissions to as low as 25%. The new 6,850 square metre structure stores and transports feedstock along with covered conveyor belts for up the furnace where it’s heated under negative pressure to eliminate fine dust particles found on-site or generated from handling stockpiles of materials.


As approved by the SA Government, Nyrstar will build an eco-friendly recycling facility.

The construction of this facility will not only house and protect the storage of materials but is also expected to prevent any fine lead-containing dust particles from escaping. This means that by mid-2022 when preliminary works commence, we can expect our community’s health to remain safe even if they are close-proximity neighbors with these structures.

The State Government has been a great partner in making significant and sustained reductions to lead levels in the community. Nyrstar’s Vice President Australian Operations, Dale Webb thanked them for their support during this process of cutting down on harmful air pollution that can affect our health.

SA Energy and Mining Minister, Dan van Holst Pellekaan announced that the recycling facility will be a significant investment to reduce lead in blood levels of children living near Port Pirie.

With van Holst Pellekaan’s recent announcement, we can expect Nyrstar and the State Government to extend TLAP until 2034.

The SA government is making sure that the people who live in Port Pirie are safe from lead exposure. They announced a $2.5 million program to upgrade 43 Housing South Australia dwellings with young children, and remediation works could include sealing homes or improving outdoor areas as needed for each property depending on its risk level of having legacy Lead hazards inside it.

(Source: https://www.insideconstruction.com.au/section/projects/nyrstar-to-build-23m-recycling-facility-at-port-pirie-smelter/)

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