An approved bidder has been selected for the tunneling package of works on the North East Link road project. The Spark consortium, made up of Webuild, GS Engineering and Construction, CPB Contractors, China Construction Oceania, Ventia, Capella Capital, John Laing Investments, DIF, and Pacific Partnerships will provide three-lane twin tunnels to close off Melbourne’s freeway network. This is an exciting development in Victoria’s transportation infrastructure!

The North East Link will be a boon for the city’s northeast, which suffers from heavy traffic congestion. The tunnel is expected to carry up to 135,000 vehicles per day while creating an efficient commute that can help reduce smog and greenhouse gas emissions in these neighborhoods. The proposed North East link would provide relief on both sides of town by reducing the number of cars using local roads during congested periods and helping clear out this nasty air pollution we’re used to seeing all too often!

Victoria’s North East Link will improve the daily commute and safety of many Melbourne residents. By cutting travel time for commuters, lessening commuter traffic on city streets, and removing trucks from local roads–the project is a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Federal Communications Minister Paul Fletcher said this was another important step in Victoria’s biggest road project with an aim to create thousands of jobs while improving congestion among communities living in Melbourne’s northern suburbs.

To advance the North East Link, a new Public-Private Partnership will be established with the Victorian Government to negotiate a final contract and finalize the concept design for the project. The partnership is focused on establishing an overhaul of Eastern Freeway as well as Melbourne’s first dedicated busway. The tunneling package will also go out to market for other key aspects including completing the M80 ring road which includes over 25 kilometres worth of cycling pathways designed just for every type of commuter across our beautiful state!

Victorian Transport Minister Jacinta Allen says this new infrastructure investment proves just how committed she is to working towards making Victoria an even better place by building projects which serve what people need most — better connection within their communities as well as across bigger areas outside of them so they can access opportunities like never before.


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