The NSW Planning and Public Spaces Minister Rob Stokes has announced the rezoning of Blackwattle Bay in Sydney into an entertainment and cultural hub. As part of this plan, new public open space will be created equivalent to one-and-a-half football fields as well as a promenade that would complete the 15-kilometre continuous harbourside walk from Woolloomooloo to Rozelle Bay.

A new plan for the Sydney Fish Market has been proposed with its relocation to Blackwattle Bay and turning off the old fish market site to a mixed-use complex. The plans include an improved transport connection between Pyrmont Metro and CBD, as well as walking or cycling paths that will help people get around more easily. 

The redevelopment of Sydney Fish Market could be a game-changing opportunity for the future. The site will provide more than 5,600 jobs and 1550 new housing units in an area that is often overlooked as one of the city’s gateways to its CBD core. If this project goes through without any hitches, it’ll become not just another tourist attraction but also economic drivers with plenty of opportunities within walking distance from public transportation such as buses and trains.



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