On this episode of MEA$URED Mick shines light on some of the talented migrants we have living in Australia who aren’t given a chance by Australian companies due to a lack of local experience.

Although we are facing one of the biggest resource shortages in many years, Candidates like Hani Mahmoud, a qualified civil engineer, who is professionally recognised by Engineers Australia, cannot get a foot through the door of any local companies.

Hani is an Australian Permanent Resident, he has 15 years experience on major infrastructure, roads, highways and drainage projects. His kids go to Australian schools and he pays Australian taxes.

Hani has applied to over 100 jobs. He has barely received feedback from a hiring manager or recruiter. No local experience = no good.

Whilst many local companies struggle to find qualified people to join their business, Hani and thousands of other qualified migrants are becoming disillusioned by the job market in Australia and will likely return to their home countries or retrain and enter a new market.

They aren’t here to apply for job seeker, they are here to work, improve their lives for their families and to add value to Australia.

In in my opinion giving candidates like Hani a blanket rejection without even meeting them is not good enough; we must change our mindset or get ready for the unavoidable brain drain Australia is likely to experience in years to come.

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