On Episode 50 of MEA$URED with Mick Donaghy we are joined by Noor Shaik; Project Manager, Design Manager and #BurjKhalifa hall of Famer.

Noor immigrated to Australia in 2019 to provide better opportunities for her children. Unfortunately this was also 6 months before the Covid19 Pandemic. Noor left behind, 15 years of Construction experience in the middle east where she worked on some of the largest projects in the world . Up until recently, Noor’s never had an interview. She’s never needed one.

Every time she left a company (only 3 times), a previous boss would jump at the chance of bringing her with them! With a Degree in Architecture, Experience working on Major Construction Projects many of which were to Australian Health & Safety Standards, Noor still isn’t receiving recognition from Australian Construction Companies.

Leaving an incredible career in the middle east to sit unemployed for two years in Australia is demoralising. Not to receive a call back is demoralising still. Noor is a professional, she’s an incredible team player and I can tell from this interview, she has SO much to add to a business.

If you have an opportunity, I would urge you to MEET HER, DON’T DELETE HER. Come on Australia!!!! Links below.

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