This week on MEA$URED, we welcome Alexander Baly, founder of Built Brisbane, an extremely popular blog sharing the latest construction and development news for South East Queensland.
Do you know those people who seem to just appear out of nowhere? Well, for Brisbane born and bred, Alex Baly,  we’ll explore what may have been one such case. On his uni break, which lasted around a month, he decided that instead of wasting time doing nothing, it might make more sense to put some effort into finding something creative or productive! So with this goal in mind, Alex read up on all the exciting projects happening throughout the city – from architecture through urban planning initiatives – and shared them in Instagram! 
Alex is one of these people that just can’t help themselves when it comes to Brisbane. He’s got an enthusiasm for the city no other! Whether thats the latest building project or something really exciting about the 2032 Olympics – he’s sharing his own unique views with loyal followers throughout Linkedin and Instagram which has built up an incredible brand.
In this episode, Alex shares his favourite things about Brisbane, how he got started and why he loves development!. In conclusion, he emphasizes that it is important to look at what you already have and to keep going, following your passions will be the key!
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