This episode of MEA$URED with Mick Donaghy features Michael Manikas, the general manager and majority owner at Australia-based business DLG Shape. The company provides construction fit-out and refurbishment services across all sectors for both private clients as well as government organizations across Australia – and they’re an Aboriginal-owned enterprise! In fact, he is a qualified quantity surveyor and the former CEO of the Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors.
In this podcast, Michael shares his experience working both for tier-one contractors and consultancies. He is deeply committed to helping out in the construction industry by engaging more Aboriginal indigenous groups with relevant skill sets who would like a chance at success onsite – Australia currently has an imbalance in this space that majorly needs attention.
Michael’s message of unity was one I found inspiring. Not only did he have a burning desire to empower the Indigenous community, but also his humility and selflessness towards all First Nations people is something we should take note of as an industry.
Michael talks about why he became a quantity surveyor, where he grew up, and how someone in his family has been involved in the construction industry. He also shares some of the interesting people he met along this journey.
Michael discusses his struggles through his early career and anything that was a little harder to come. To get comfortable working for the builder, he had learned or do something in order to be into mindset; it made sense at this point of time when going into the CEO role with a prestigious company where diversity is a key element. Michaels’s strengths lie in how well he gets along with people. He talks about his current position in DLG and his responsibility there as per real vision regarding aboriginal communities.
He wants to inspire more Aboriginal people and others from indigenous backgrounds. As someone who’s seen first-hand how the construction industry has helped build community with pride, he knows that there are many opportunities out in this field for those seeking them.
There is nothing like a person’s touch to leave an industry behind Michael quote “And if I can help some of them in some way, I feel like I’ve left the industry in this place a bit of person.”
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