This week on MEA$URED with Mick Donaghy, we’re joined by Doug Vincent. He is the Managing Director at Mastt – a construction technology startup that’s revolutionizing digital management for projects globally with their cloud enterprise solution serving billions worth in projects and programs to clients such as Australia’s Army or Jacobs & RPS Group. The company’s mission statement is to kill spreadsheets and digitise the construction industry. By providing project owners, a portfolio management system can deliver projects faster with less risk.
As the first Tech Entrepreneur on the podcast, Doug shares how he and his co workers have created a software that transforms upstream project management reporting. It was an absolute pleasure to speak with Doug who has a huge passion for the construction industry and the innovation currently transforming the businesses that work within it. 
Doug has a huge vision, and the growth that the company has experienced over the last 2 years is nothing short of breath taking. We watch with open eyes on MASTT becoming the next big thing in the construction tech space!
Built Better!

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