This week on MEA$URED. Today on our podcast, we will be talking about how construction companies are currently facing major challenges and what you can do as an employer or contractor in order to hold on to your best people.
Giving your people feedback is an excellent way to help them grow and thrive within the organization. You can congratulate them, provide constructive feedback for their improvement, or simply be present as someone who cares about what they’re going through. It’s critical to not only recognize employees on a regular basis but also to take the time to evaluate how things are going with each individual employee so we know if we need any additional assistance in meeting goals.
You’re going to have career development in your business. And that might not only be financially or through many different means but also with the vision – getting them excited about what you do and how it benefits their lives. You can set KPIs for these new employees so they know where their goals lie; if one doesn’t meet those expectations then stick by the word when giving out promotions because reputation is everything.
Making your employees feel like they’re a part of something important is the best way to get them on board. Visionaries and innovators who will champion change in the name of progress are needed in the construction industry. The most important aspect of building a great company is not always what you do; it is how your role within that business inspires others to join your cause.
Training and development are not just for the corporate world; they’re necessary to keep employees engaged. If you want your company successful, it needs people who will stay updated on what’s happening within their job function or field of expertise- which means that if any knowledge gaps exist now or ever, there should be some sorta training program in place.
Giving your employees salary and bonuses compensation is not something you should take lightly. Employees want stability in order to show up every day at work knowing that their hard work will be rewarded by increased responsibilities or rewards which are fair regarding performance levels already reached.
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