Australia’a largest landlord, Dexus, will invest $2.1 billion in Brisbane’s Waterfront over the next 10 years. The project is projected to add 1000 jobs to Brisbane’s construction industry. Franklin Smith Construction Recruitment Agency is delighted by the news and excited to share knowledge of what the development will mean for Brisbane’s Waterfront.


The first phase will give access to an improved river walk running 280 metres with work starting in 2022. The first of two towers with 120,000 square metres of office space will open in 2026 with the second high-rise project following shortly after. The public will have unrestricted access to new site from 2024 onwards. The city shaping project takes advantage of Brisbane’s sub-tropical climate by opening the city to to the river with generous waterfront retail and hospitality space allowing office tenants and businesses to thrive in the area.


River Promenade


Dexus is making a significant investment at river level to create outdoor spaces which are accessible 24/7 by the public. For example, wider footpaths, landscaping, seated areas and awnings will be render the space pedestrian and community friendly. In total, the Waterfront promenade will be 280m in length.


Pedestrian Connection to CBD


The river walk will connect to Eagle Street via Creek Street. As such, this allows accessible access to and from Brisbane’s CBD. Furthermore the 6 metre wide promenade is wide enough for pedestrians and cyclists to use the space simultaneously.


Improved River Views


As a result of replacing Eagle Street Pier Building with two towers, Mary Street and Creek Street will see improved vistas of the river. Such views have been lost since the original construction 30 years ago. In addition to improving views, the project will restore the historic Naldham House, revitalised as part of the project.


A New Business Community


The commercial driver of the project is clear. Dexus, already Australia’s largest landlord, is creating 120,000 square metres of office space. The developer will support the business community in the state of the art offices with retail, hospitality and outdoor space. Put another way, Dexus is promising the “redefine business performance” in the area.


Public and Water Transport Creates a Bustling Strip


A new CityCat terminal and nearby bus network will connect the project beyond the central Brisbane. Furthermore, Dexus plans additional moorings for commercial water craft including river taxis. With increased accessibility, Dexus hopes the community will be drawn to what will be a “bustling” retail and restaurant community taking full advantage of the scenic location for outdoor dining options.



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