Have you ever had the feeling that you’re so tired that you are wide awake?

You feel fatigued, sloppy, out of control.

You’re working so hard that you’re only holding on by your fingertips but nothing much more?

You get home at night and you are exhausted, but you can’t relax?

I’m not a scientist but I’d bet a few cents that what you’ve experienced is at least related to burnout.

I’m not sure where the world sits with the issue of burnout.

It’s damn sure not as sexy as working from home, work life balance or personal branding.

A few years it ago, it was in vogue to “hustle”. Gary Veynerchuck leapt into our timelines and started preaching the after work, side project grind.

However, as the years have gone on, we seem to have developed a collective conscience and become a little softer. Even Gary Vee is talking about the importance of sleep, the man with the darkest eye holes in show business.

I feel that burnout flies under the radar somewhat. It’s not macho. It doesn’t personify the character of someone “great” and being a victim to it doesn’t get you anywhere.

I’m not sure if I have ever fully experienced burnout or at least allowed myself to but I do find myself constantly looking for ways to switch off.

When I first started recruiting in Ireland nearly a decade ago, we used desk phones and PC’s.

As an early 20 something, I thought we were so behind the times it was unbelievable.

When I arrived in New Zealand in 2016 and was given a smartphone, a credit card and a laptop, I genuinely thought I’d hit the jackpot. Two days later I attended an award show where there was free alcohol. You could say I was on cloud 9.

This surely wasn’t working?

This year, the year of “Working from Home” I’ve found myself longing for those old, outdated methods to a certain level.

You know, where you could leave your job at work?

In truth, I’m not a fan of working from home. In fact, I hate it.

How do you switch off when you live where you work?

If you don’t switch off, how do you remain at the top of your game?

In those earlier days, you put the shift in during the hours and you left for the day. You played sport, you went to the gym, you went out for a bite to eat but the most important aspect, you were uncontactable after 5.30pm.

Anything important could be addressed in the morning.

But maybe this is what it is, progressing from employee to business owner and these are the challenges we face?

However, I’m certain there are others out there who long for a digital detox, the great switch off?

But is it possible with the shift towards bringing our jobs to bed with us?

Or are we all just going to end up burnt out?


Written by Mick Donaghy

Director & Managing Consultant of Franklin Smith Australia

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