Today is International Women’s Day 2021. As a construction recruitment agency, Franklin Smith Australia commits to furthering the cause of gender equity in construction in Australia.

Managing Director Mick Donaghy, in two seasons of the Mea$ured podcast, has worked to invite more women guests on the show, as well as to steadily increase female listenership which is now at around 30%. Mick has interviewed women in construction leadership positions and regularly asked for their thoughts on gender equity in construction. As a result, conversations have included how things have changed over the years but also what we need to do now, to continue to fight for women in construction. Franklin Smith has listened and commits to fight for progression.

One advocacy group, NAWIC, has been represented by several board members on the podcast. Volunteers do inspirational work, lobbying on behalf of their positions and NAWIC is the “go-to” government and legal authority. NAWIC acts as a support network, advocacy group, networking group and its awards are highly sought after in the industry. As a result, NAWIC is the leading women’s group in construction in Australia with other chapters formed in countries around the world.

After becoming familiar with NAWIC’s work through discussions with board members on the podcast, NAWIC’s policies form the backbone of the gender diversity commitments Franklin Smith is taking. Summing up Franklin Smith’s position, below are some of NAWIC’s policies and the commitments towards gender equity in construction Franklin Smith is taking with regards to each.

Increase Women in Leadership Positions

This is where Franklin Smith can have the biggest impact. While on its own journey to be the most respected pre-construction recruitment agency in Australia, Franklin Smith commits to build its network of female leadership talent, internally and externally, along the way.

Focus on Education

With a heavy focus on graduate recruitment, Franklin Smith commits to representing women looking to make their first move in the construction industry. For example, Franklin Smith will promote companies known to be serious about gender diversity and genuine equal opportunity careers. Above all, Franklin Smith will work to highlight construction as a wonderful career opportunity for all, dispelling outdated gender stereotypes.

Putting Gender on the Tender

NAWIC’s goal is to have 30% female representation on all construction projects across Australia. Franklin Smith will be a lobbyist for this goal, asking clients to commit to working towards this target and gaining a reputation as the recruiter who helps clients deliver or exceed on this target.

Reduce the Gender Pay Gap

Franklin Smith’s promise to all candidates is to showcase candidate added value in a job search. As a result Franklin Smith knows the top-of-market value for all specialist searches for which it is engaged. Franklin Smith commits to professional, honest representation for all candidates. Regardless of gender Franklin Smith ensures the best possible compensation package for all.

Increase Retention

As a leading construction recruitment agency, Franklin Smith plays a vital role in the feedback loop for clients. That is to say, its Franklin Smith’s obligation to listen to candidates about what makes an inclusive work environment for all. Franklin Smith commits to working with clients to improve in this regard working only with those serious about improving on feedback.

Championing Positive Change

Franklin Smith commits to using its platform as a respected construction recruitment agency to champion gender equity whenever the opportunity arrises. Mick Donaghy will continue to grow female listenership of the Mea$ured podcast. One way in which this will be done is in continuing to work towards a gender balance amongst the guests on the show, using the podcast platform to champion gender equity issues.

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