Today’s episode of MEA$URED with Mick Donaghy features an interview with Mikael Heinonen, a qualified quantity surveyor and co-founder of Collabaloop, a construction technology startup with a mission to incrementally transform the culture within the construction industry. As well, he is also the chief enabler of the build better network and someone with experience working for consultancies, main contractors, and large mining organizations.
He introduces himself to the people, what he’s up to at present and his plans for this industry. He tells us about how he first got into the field of quantity surveying and why it was such an appealing profession for him. He also talks a bit about his background with consultancy work, then contractor side jobs as well, in total there are different types of perspectives. In this interview with him, he tells the story of how he got his Viking helmet, a prestigious position as a quantity surveyor.
Mikael shares his journey from being in a well-paying, stable position to starting something new and different. He talks about the challenges that come with building an entirely new company as opposed to incremental growth at your current job; how it is important for entrepreneurs not only to be good business people but also to know their limitations because you cannot do everything yourself! He goes into great detail on what led him here today; how many factors were involved including going back through MBA. Looking inward, self-analysis was really helpful too when understanding some things better himself rather than just relying on.
In this episode, Mikael discusses innovation in the construction industry, that collaboration is a big part of what you want to achieve with the color blue. He tells the reason why he focuses on apprentices and how they need support otherwise it’s pointless. Employers should create a healthy workplace culture that people want to turn up each day and give their best. This goes a long way in terms of doing what you need for success, so it’s important.
There’s a lot of evidence out there to show that diversity is good for business. It increases creativity and innovation, as well as productivity. It’s one way to stay ahead in today’s competitive landscape. Having diverse cultures with an emphasis on unity and strong female leadership will do wonders too.
Understanding what makes a project successful. And one way that we do this is by measuring those critical aspects of projects like how well they are going, and if there’s anything not working correctly too as it relates to psychological safety within an organization which all have big impacts on whether or not people feel comfortable speaking up with their ideas when needed most. The quantity surveyor is becoming more and more dominant in today’s work environment. This should not surprise anyone; after all, it was their job to make sure that nothing goes wrong with the project at hand. It would help everyone if they could keep this up-to-date perspective on themselves by looking for ways of improvement where possible.
Reinforcing positive culture within the construction industry.

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