Mick talks to fifth generation Hutchinson, “Jack V” of historic Australian construction firm Hutchinson builders. Jack is Associate Director of the business and will one day take over from his Dad, Scott Hutchinson, as Chairman of the business.

Jack and Mick of Franklin Smith Recruitment enjoy a candid conversation including what it’s like to grow up a Hutchinson, the value of an MBA and the merits of the unique company structure at Hutchinson.

This was our first “live/in person” recording, we hope to keep improving them as the show develops.

After sharing a few hours and a couples of beers with Jack, one thing was for sure; we were blown away by Jack’s gratitude, his humility and how down to earth he is. We really enjoyed getting to know him a bit better and finding out more about Hutchies today, tomorrow and years from now.

To connect with Jack further; please use the link here.

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